CityVerse is a web based project management solutions for large scale property related projects.

For example, CityVerse was used to manage the property acquisition for a large city's light rail project and many other department of transportation projects around the country. It manages all of the details, accounting, budgeting, documents and much more for large scale government and commercial land projects.

Although it is a cloud based solution, it can easily run on your Intranet. CityVerse is customizable by the client so you are never stuck with a specific set of data structures. Simply you design the information you need to track.  

The Acquisition process can be long and complicated and keeping track of the paper and computer trails does not make it any easier.  This is why CityVerse allows you to combine hard documents and digital files such as PDF's, Word and Excel together into one program that you can view from your desktop. 

You can organize details across departments and generate instantaneous reports by scanning and uploading documents directly to any parcel or project.  Documents can also be launched from your web browser without searching for them on the network.

The parcel can be configured to read from an existing directory on a network drive utilizing your existing folder and file structure. Conversely, anything uploaded is also available on the network through Windows Explorer to team members with appropriate clearance.

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