BrewSoft - Brewery Management Software.

BrewSoft is a web based brewery management system. It can handle all steps of the Brewing Process from start to taxes. BrewSoft runs through a cloud account which you control. BrewSoft can also be modified by you without software development knowledge.

Features at a glance..

Custom Brewing Process Creation

Create a custom brewing methodology and steps for all or each beer. You can also choose from available Brew Process Templates or download/upload Brew Process Templates online.

Batch Management

Each batch of beer will inherit a Brewing Process which ensures each delicate step is followed as per the Brew Masters instruction.

Batch Merging

Larger batches may come from many tanks, track each batch individually then merge into a fermentor or other tanks.

Recipe Management

Create a base recipe for each beer and the measurements automatically adjust based on batch size. You can also create multiple recipes for each beer if needed for seasonal adjustments or cask versions.

Dynamic Recipe Adjustment

When a batch is created it inherits the recipe which can also be modified on the fly if needed due to individual batch circumstances. These brew time modifications do not affect the pre setup recipes. Recipes can also be shared online by uploading them for others, or download someone else’s creation.

Advanced Inventory

Create inventory items for everything. From caps and labels to hops, salts and malts. Then create products and recipes from the inventory items. For instance, when you rack a case of beer that may deduct, 1 case box, 4 - 6 pack boxes, 24 bottles, 24 caps, 24 labels, and 288 ounces of beer from your inventory.  When a batch is created the recipe ingredients are deducted from inventory once the recipe is committed to the batch. Real-time reporting enables you to see exactly what you have anytime. You can also manually adjust or override inventory at anytime with proper permission.

Brew Forecasting/Schedule

Schedule batches based on production needs allowing for proper inventory and brewery resource management. Compare with same time last month, last year, etc..

Brewery Calendar

Views real-time in a calendar format everything that is happening in the brewery. This can include, active batches, items racked, employee clock in, distributor pickups, vendor drop offs, you get the idea. View monthly, weekly, daily or hourly at anytime.

Touch Screen POS System

Complete Bar POS for brewpubs or tasting rooms. POS interacts with inventory system.

Employee Time Clock

Employees can easily clock in or out at any BrewSoft station. Clock in with a specific job type, or change job typed throughout the day depending on function, (i.e. racking, brewing)

Racking Management

Choose from any standard pre-defined container types or create new container types such a custom keg, bottle or growler. When racking a ready batch, it automatically decrements inventory from containers and also deducts from your batches final yield. This enables shrinkage calculations from evaporation or spillage.


Create distributor invoices when it leaves the dock effectively adjusting floor inventory real-time. Create distributor accounts and also manage self distribution accounts.


Create invoices for sales of anything. For instance you may need to sell some hops to another brewery or even to another brewery you own. Of course this is mainly used for distributors when 100’s of kegs and cases are leaving.

Sampling Log

Keep track of line sampling for weights and measures records. If you have low fill returns this causes some accountability on the racking line. Plus it could be the law to keep a sampling log. Keep it digitally and print or email on demand.

Product Management

Assemble products from available inventory items. For example link a 6 pack of beer to a box, 6 bottles, caps, and labels. Then you can say I created 100 six packs, and the inventory will know what you used with out updating each item individually.

US/UK/Metrics Modes and Conversions

BrewSoft2 contains predefined containers and conversions for US, UK and Metrics. Select a mode when you setup BrewSoft2 then data is stored in that method. You can then view in other modes but the data stays in the original setup method.

QuickBooks Import/Export

Export/Import Invoices, Customers and Inventory items from QuickBooks.

Aloha POS Import

Import from Aloha POS sales export PMIX report.

Customer / Vendor / Distributor Relations Management

Sales and Customer Relations Management tools enable sales reps to work remotely and have access to all historical conversations and details anywhere. View order history and keg management, just incase customers forget to return kegs. Keep close relations with your favorite hop and malt dealers.

Tax Calculations with State Form Designer

Scan your states tax form then drag and drop pre-defined calculated fields onto the scan creating a printable and complete tax form for emailing or printing.


BrewSoft 2 can be completely installed and run from the internet and runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. BrewSoft 2 can run in Internet Explorer, Firefox or from your desktop as a Windows application. BrewSoft 2 is developed with the latest Windows technology and is designed for Windows 7 with Touch Screen use in mind. A Silver Light version for Apple Macintosh coming soon after this version release.


BrewSoft 2 uses multiple encryption methods to ensure your data is safe and secure at all times. User levels and improper authentication attempts are logged and accounts are automatically disabled. BrewSoft can run completely inside your network with out access to the internet or can be hosted at our secure server location. All users are tracked in what ever action they do in the system. In addition no data is actually deleted; it is only marked deleted and hidden from view.

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